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And Then There are Ticks

ticks in vancouverTicks are wingless creatures that live exclusively on the blood of animals for three of the four stages of their life cycle. They are equipped with an apparatus called Haller's organ which senses heat, carbon dioxide and other stimuli to allow the ticks to locate the presence of an animal food source. Once found, they crawl on and embed their mouth parts into the animal's skin and proceed to suck up its blood.

When you go for a walk, keep your dog out of the srub brush on either side of the path. That will help. But in any case, you need to check your dog for ticks as soon as you come back. These are the most likely places to look for ticks on your dog: up inside the cracks in his paws!; around his neck; in his hears; underneath his tail- yes you know where i mean. Those are the most moist and heated places that ticks like to go! just pull them off and squish them right away - most likely they will be the small ones. If they are left there they will fill up with blood and it can hurt your pet to pull them. You don't want one to fill up with blood, fall off, and crawl away to... have babies!


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